Thursday, July 2, 2015

Public Holiday - And Can You Believe it's Already July

Folks in Hong Kong kicked off July 1 with a public holiday (on a Wednesday, in the middle of the week!  It's great), in honor of the handover of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China, and for the establishment of Hong Kong as a "special administrative region." Hence people refer to this as Establishment Day, a holiday that has only been in place since 1997.

What with the protests that happened last year and with Hong Kong's somewhat tenuous political position nowadays, it seems like a good time (as good as any) to bring up the fate of Hong Kong in 2047.  This is the magic number, as this is the 50 year anniversary of the handover, and essentially, the "one country, two systems," special administrative status of Hong Kong (read: the Basic Law) runs out.

The fate of Hong Kong is essentially a huge question mark, murky and riddled with conjecture but no certain answers.

I thought this article did a nice job articulating the various scenarios.  What do you think will happen here?

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