Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Massage Junkie

So I realize I have become kind of addicted to, and spoiled by the variety of, massages since moving out to Asia!  I have rotated through a relatively steady supply and am always looking for new places or suggestions.

Having run the gamut from truly budget (and often with the dingy atmosphere to match) to very fancy (and with a price tag to match), I think the ideal massage spot is on the middle-lower price point, with a more clinical environment, with masseuses who really get it.

It is pretty easy to tell a good massage therapist from a bad one - I would argue 30 seconds to one minute into my massage I know how it's going to be.  Good masseuses immediately hone in on the knots and the issues and can source just the right fascia or tendon to its root.  It hurts but it hurts so good.

What amazes me is how easily a good masseuse can tell what my issues are - truly just from a cursory touch on my back and shoulders, and a light touch on my neck and jaw.  I wonder how different bodies come across to them, and how glaring the various issues are, such that they can "read" these symptoms so clearly and immediately, like how you and I read words printed on a page.

At this point I am really soaking up the massage therapy - I have been going almost once a week for body massage (where I arguably need it more) and then on average about once a week or once every week and a half for a foot massage (I love feeling super sleepy after a foot massage - it puts me in a slightly drowsy dream state that is so delicious).

I emerged from a massage today feeling like a very heavy brick weight had been lifted from my upper body.  My neck feels at least three inches longer, as if the space between my chin and shoulder has magically mushroomed.  It feels delightful.

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