Thursday, July 16, 2015

Random Updates, Thoughts, and Oh Yeah, a Wedding

So life is just chugging along this month, and I realized that, oh hey, it's mid-July!  The countdown to the wedding has begun, but, for me more practically, the countdown to getting the heck out of work has started.  Can't come soon enough.
I spent ten hours today at my desk thinking through warranties and covenants and all kinds of legal issues that had my brain feeling really numb by the time I ordered my dinner.
I did not get to go to my dress fitting (which I postponed from yesterday), and likely will not make it tomorrow.
I tried not to think about the other document that I really have been neglecting that I really shouldn't be neglecting.
I need to pick up my wedding band and argue with my tailor and figure out seating arrangements and…

But, hey!  On to fun wedding things.

We have pre-wedding drinks on Thursday (August 20) lined up starting at 8:30 pm at Von, which is a bar where Michael and I first went when we started dating (or more accurately, when he was wooing me, ahem) and where we had a few celebrity sightings whilst sitting around drinking wine and basking in the heady delight that is Nolita (except I recognized none of the celebrities)*.  Who knows where the night will take us?  Personally I am really keen to check out shuffleboard in Brooklyn.

*I often wonder how many celebrity sightings I have had in my life that I just completely missed.

Wedding rehearsal (I keep wanting to say dress rehearsal) will kick off at 5:30 pm on Friday (August 21).

There will be an after party after the wedding on Saturday (August 22) where we all go boogie some more at a pub or neighborhood bar.

And finally, on Sunday (August 23) we will all gather for an impromptu brunch at Freemans, likely around 11:30 or noon.  They do take reservations, not always a given for NYC weekend brunch, so if you're interested in joining you should definitely go ahead and book.
Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night I got a foot massage and stayed up late finishing Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave.
Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour two nights ago I spent a lot of time looking up all the activities that I want to do and all the food that I want to eat in Anguilla.  For a small scrubby island, this place really has a lot of stuff.  33 beaches for an island 16 miles long?? Wow.
Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour three nights ago I spent a lot of time planning out a fantastic 11 day itinerary to New Zealand for Christmas.  Glaciers, fjords, mountains, lakes, star-gazing, hiking, and, um, yes, I realize that I may be getting ahead of myself here...

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