Monday, July 13, 2015

Simple Pleasures at Tsui Wah - Fish Ball Soup

Tsui Wah is a Hong Kong institution, an old school diner with cheap and fast food delivered lickety split.  As a cha chan teng, it serves some seriously weird breakfast, lunch and all day concoctions that somehow became popular in Hong Kong in the 1970s, which have survived to become their own clever and curious gourmet niche in present day. 

The ramen noodles in tomato sauce, condensed milk toast, macaroni with spam in chicken soup, and half-coffee, half-milk tea drink… all of this is a legacy of British Hong Kong.
 Kind of love the old decor, unchanged since 1977, or thereabouts.  Track lighting, wavy designs, tile, and mirrored ceilings? Check, check, check.
 This place is packed at lunch time.
This is what I come for:
These fish balls are hand made and, unlike some of the other places around town, actually taste hand made.  They are very tender, yet still have a nice chewy consistency.  The noodles are very thin, slippery, and silky soft.  Served in a light fish broth (which I still am not sure contains MSG) and paired with some red vinegar and chili sauce, sometimes this just hits the spot.

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