Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wedding Suit - First Fitting at W W Chan

Michael had an appointment for his first suit fitting at W. W. Chan this week.  It is really fun to see this whole process unfold.  The process of making a suit from scratch, and then working with a tailor directly, is so personal, intimate, and… well… cool!  I don't think Michael will get tired of this experience any time soon (alas for our pocketbooks).

These guys come from the top of the line, and have a long and storied tradition of Shanghainese trained styling, cutting and tailoring.  While Michael was changing, I inspected the certificates (from the 1920s) of the founding family members who graduated from these esteemed tailoring schools.  Each suit is hand stitched and no detail is too small.

They did a great job on the pants - it fit really well every where.
 The only adjustment was to the length of the pants (having them fall slightly longer in the back, so that the hem wouldn't get caught on the edge of the shoe).

The measurements of the jacket took a little more time to figure out, though the drape and weight and feel of the double textured black wool was fantastic.

 I love watching him get dressed by four hands - so much attention, so luxurious!
Very detailed questions and measurements were made and taken, such as the button alignment, and sleeve length, and width of the jacket.
 We also spent a good few minutes discussing the merits and drawbacks of a narrow versus wide lapel - they had cut a classic 3 inch notched lapel.  The lapel on the left is 2.5 inches wide.  The lapel on the right is 2.75 inches.  We settled on the 2.75 inch lapel.
Finally, the length of the jacket was also measured, as the tailor carefully took note of where Michael's hands fell against the hem.

I'm sure I've bored some of you to death, but for others I hope it's a fun glimpse into all of the considerations that go into a suit.

Tell you what, you feel like a prince after one of these fittings.  I can see why it gets addictive!

W.W. Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd.
8/F, Entertainment Building
30 Queens Road Central
Central, Hong Kong
+ 852 2366 9738

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