Friday, July 17, 2015

Shopping and Yoga

So, I know the sum of life's happiness is supposed to stem from meaningful encounters, exciting travels and new adventures… where you constantly make fresh and interesting memories that change and refresh you, so that you never lose the wonder of your inner child.  And buying things aren't supposed to accomplish that, because we humans are tricky beasts that immediately adapt to our newly acquired possessions or material goods.

But sometimes I just want to buy things.  So there.  Please take my hard earned money, gosh darn it.

Like, for example, in a fit of frustration and momentary insanity, I signed up for a 90 minute 7 am yoga class. And this morning, I actually went, although my eyeballs felt like they had been scalded in lava.  But that made my morning coffee taste so good, and so well deserved.  So that was a good experience. 

But then I figured I had earned the right to reward myself (rather prematurely, I must admit) for this new and improved self, so I went and bought a ridiculously expensive yoga halter top that I have been lusting after for a very long time now.   Um… not sure when it became perfectly acceptable for workout clothes to cost more than a dress, but this is the yogi world we live in now.

But oh, look at the ombre colors and how they fade into each other.  I really like the light green, pink and cream layered look.  It reminds me of creamsicles and ponies and rainbows and possibilities.  Isn't that what we all need in life?  And it will look oh so nice with my heather gray Beyond Yoga pants.
Source: Tanya-b
And then, because why stop at one top?? I proceeded on a little Hard Tail shopping binge.  I admit I went a little crazy with the patterns...

This is the Hard Tail ikat legging and something about those pink stripes just appealed to me.  I usually don't do horizontal stripes (aren't they supposed to make your legs look fatter and shorter) but... what a nice change from the normal boring black!
Source: Hard Tail

I also went for a pair of their blue skeleton lizard tights... what do you think? This is about the length of my preferred yoga pant - the full length legging is also nice to maintain the line of the leg, but I steadfastly maintain the somewhat illusory belief that those extra six to eight inches of exposed skin down by my ankles help me stay cool. 
Source: Bluefly

I have always gone for straight, solid black or gray tights and solid color tank tops or Lululemon style tops (pink, purple, black), etc. but now they seem so incredibly boring.  I'm ready to shake things up a bit, and embrace some cool patterns.

I did pick a plain ole' white tank top as well (some habits die hard) to counteract all the patterns.

I am hoping all of these beautiful clothes incentivize me to do more yoga.  Now if only they could help me get into flying koundinyasana. 

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