About Me and My Blog

Hi!  I'm Allison and this is my blog.  I started it in early 2012 when I and my then-boyfriend-then-fiancé-now-husband, Michael, moved to Hong Kong from New York City.  I wanted a place to share my new life as an expatriate abroad. 

To my pleasant surprise I have discovered that I really like blogging, and over the years it has become a repository of my experiences.

The blog is a space for me to write about food, document travels big and small, vent about work, and muse about interesting political events or cultural phenomena... basically, record details of my life both exciting and mundane.

We are not sure how long we will be staying out here in Hong Kong or Asia generally, but for now we intend to enjoy our time out here as much as we can.

Thanks for visiting this space, and I hope you like the blog!

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