Friday, July 10, 2015

Girls' Night: Eye Makeup Session at Bellespa

Wednesday night girl's night!  A good friend of mine in Hong Kong came up with a great idea for a bunch of us to all get together for one night to learn how to put on eye makeup, specifically trying to perfect two key styles: the smokey eye (more subtle and for every day) and the glittery cat eye (dramatic and for nights out).

We went to Bellesa in the Century Square building on D'Aguilar Street (I dub it the massage and beauty building).

Bellesa Styling Bar
7th floor, Century Square
D'Aguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong
phone: +852 2116 0600
So many gold hairbrushes and iron curlers every where!
 I am pretty much helpless at eye makeup, or any makeup in general, but I have been thinking for a while now that it was high time for me to learn.  You don't have to wear it, but you should at least know how to flaunt it, am I right?

My friend brought some snacks and rose and wine:
 The materials:

Important decisions:
Instead of washing the makeup off at the beauty parlor, I went home with the second look.  My eyes definitely drew a lot of attention on the street, though I would argue that the cat eye and glitter isn't even that dramatic.
It just really makes my eyes POP, you know what I mean?  Fun stuff.

Feeling sultry... and taking photos from funky angles for fun:
I immediately went out and got myself some black gel eyeliner.  Woo hoo. 

Problem is, what do you use to remove eye makeup?? This is some seriously difficult stuff.  I was digging glitter out of my eye and black remnants of eyeliner out from between my lashes even the next morning.  What do you use to make sure you get everything clean, without taking up a laborious 10-15 minutes (no joke, I think this is how long it took me)?


  1. I've been reading your blog as a distraction from studying for the bar exam :) figured I'd chime in here because I know a couple of easy, effective, and cheap solutions:

    (1) Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover... just shake, soak a cotton pad/ball, hold with soft pressure over your eye for a few seconds, and wipe away!

    (2) When I'm in a pinch, I just dab and rub some face lotion on the makeup (but don't rub the lotion in) and then wipe away with a washcloth, tissue paper, cotton ball... whatever you have on hand! Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it all but definitely less than 10 minutes!

    1. Oh, thank you for reading :) And thank you for the tips, I will definitely try this oil-free eye makeup remover. If the cleanser is oil based or too creamy I get little bumps around my eyes. And best of luck for the bar exam!!