Friday, July 24, 2015

Wedding Ring

So, lots to do in this next month… can't believe the wedding is really just around the corner!!

I thought I'd share with you today the rose gold wedding band that I just got from the jeweler yesterday. 

We went through a few speedbumps in the creation and execution, as at first they made it too thick and also misaligned the stones.  But now I love it, especially the center where it comes to a very fine point.  The diamonds are very fiery and sparkly.  It is also incredibly comfortable.

I love that the ring has enough character and style to be worn alone (in fact, I would argue it really stands out this way!).  This was very much what I wanted: a wedding band that could be beautiful and interesting in its own right. I think it also works very well paired with my oval engagement stone.  The tapered center helps it fit snugly underneath the oval.  I don't mind that the rings don't sit perfectly flush, but I think they are as nestled together as can be.

Ok, now I guess I should stop wearing it…


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