Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday Brunch, SUP + Yoga at Stanley

I had an insanely productive Sunday this past weekend - perhaps too productive for my own good, as I am still feeling the effects even now, on Tuesday night.

I woke up and went to a 75 minute hot intermediate/advanced yoga class workshop, where one of my favorite yoga teachers took great delight in torturing us into wickedly uncomfortable poses.

From there, I headed to the Pulse in Repulse Bay to grab some brunch at Limewood.

The south side of Hong Kong island feels so different from the north.  When we sat down at the tables looking out onto the beach and the water, it was hard to imagine that we were still in Hong Kong.
Limewood was pretty disappointing though, as all I wanted were thick fluffy stacks of buttermilk pancakes with scrambled eggs and biscuits, berries, bacon, and a pot of coffee.  The menu was kind of odd and rather limited, focusing mostly on Asian appetizers and heavy meat entrees.
We joked that everything came deconstructed at this restaurant (a clever way to make less food seem like more - I do believe I have now seen it all, Hong Kong).

 By the end of the meal all I wanted was a huge juicy burger and fries (as I kept telling my friends).
After wandering the boardwalk at the Pulse for a bit, it was time to try stand up paddling at a session on Stanley Main Beach.  It was a pretty crowded day.

The windsurfers were having a great time though…

Here we are getting a quick tutorial on SUP, or Stand Up Paddling.

Here we are out on the water.  It was a choppy day.  After we posed for this picture, we got caught in a squall and could barely make it back.  The bottom picture is of the intrepid members who actually wanted to do yoga on their paddle boards, despite the crappy weather.

I liked how the houses looked down there… it really doesn't seem like Hong Kong.

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