Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spice Fix - Takorea and Others

I have been sick so have not been able to indulge in my spice addiction as much as I would have liked. However, last week before I fell ill I went to get my usual fix (it really is like a fix) at the spicy Chongqing noodle shop in Causeway Bay, and then at a new(ish) Korean Mexican fusion restaurant in Central.

Check out those chili flakes!

Cucumber with garlic and crushed peanut and lots of chili oil:
 The noodles… I know it doesn't look like much but man they get me every time.  Sigh.
This time I got a sour plum and sprite to cut the heat.
 I also went with a few friends to try out TaKorea which opened a few months ago on Wellington.  It is supposedly a mix of Mexican and Korean (the name being a very clever play) and they serve burritos with kim chee.  It is very far down in the basement.  I was kind of amazed at how deep this place goes.  You walk down...
Then keep walking down...

to eventually arrive at a small restaurant with tables and chairs.  There is still some natural light though, through the back sliding doors.

We ordered a bunch of different things.  They have salad, burritos, tacos (sold in sets of 3) and essentially a rice bowl, with choice of meat or vegetarian toppings.  It actually didn't strike me as very Mexican… but I guess if just wrapping things in flour tortillas count, then it is.

These are the chicken tacos.

This is the chicken rice bowl.  It comes with a healthy portion of vegetables, which I like.  I am told the chicken is very flavorful.  Adding kim chee is an additional HK$10.

This is the beef rice bowl.  You have the option to get it with brown rice or white rice.  Overall, their food was pretty tasty.  I would frequent it again.  During happy hour drinks are 2 for the price of 1.

My only word of caution is that things are quite spicy here!  They serve things not spicy, spicy, or Korean spicy.  I asked for medium (i.e. between not spicy and spicy) and the heat, coupled with the kim chee, was hot enough for me.

B/F, 55 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
852 - 2362 - 1999

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