Monday, July 27, 2015

A Wonderful Weekend and a Not So Bad (thus far) Monday

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I had a busy and productive and nice weekend.

I went to some hard yoga classes and worked up a good sweat (feeling very sore today), had a fitting for my wedding dress and a fitting for my qi pao, got a strong foot massage, did a little bit of work, started (and finished) a book, went to brunch with girl friends at The Cupping Room (they have fantastic french toast and very fresh brunch items), meandered around Central window shopping Celine, de Beers and Van Cleef (woo hoo that was fun), got my spice fix at my favorite spicy noodle shop in Causeway Bay, and enjoyed a lovely culinary experience at On Dining.  Not in that particular order.

On Dining was really great.  Here is the bar.
The cheese expert (officially, an affineur) formerly worked at Caprice, and listening to him introduce the cheeses was such an experience - all of his love and passion poured out in a history lesson mixed with personal anecdote and poetry.  We had asked for a sampling and he brought us eight cheeses, ranging from the lightest on the bottom left below ("cheese ice cream," in his words) to the stinkiest and sharpest on the upper right ("you may not be able to handle this," he warned).
Oh, we handled it.  I made myself a cheese clock, on my cheese plate. 

This was the view from the 29th floor - you can see a sliver of the harbor.

On Kitchen, I will be back... but preferably on an expense account. 

It has been a beautiful, sunny Monday, and I kicked it off with a bright and early 90 minute vinyasa class.  After that kind of jump start I don't even need coffee.

Sadly, on the way to work, my beloved Ancient Greek Sandals (referenced here) broke.  I guess two years of pretty steadfast wear have done them in.  They turned out to be wonderfully comfortable, the leather wearing and stretching beautifully with age.  I promptly went online and during the course of the day today decided on these (mine are the natural color but the second strap is a metallic gold - I am very happy I got them on sale, woo hoo). 

I can't believe I leave for the US in two weeks!

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