Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bridal Shower and Barbecue

When we were back in the US, Michael's mom and dad were so kind as to throw us an amazing bridal shower and barbecue dinner, with all of his immediate family members (brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces, nephews) and cousins showing up to fete us.  It was incredibly sweet and loving and wonderful.
Michael's dad had two kinds of ribs for us, one barbecue and one dry spiced (both were delicious), and pounds of shrimp from the Outer Banks with cocktail dipping sauce.  Michael's mom had made all kinds of salads and slaws, including a huge bowl of fruit salad that I couldn't resist.  There was also platter upon platter of antipasti, with pickles, olives, peppers, crudités… After dinner, the men and women split up, with the women going right next door to the house of Michael's great aunt.  It's so nice that she is neighbors with his parents.

Her house is beautiful, with lots of picture windows and hardwood floors.  She also has a big yard with a pool.  

The women played a few bridal shower games while sipping white wine (with the prizes being colorful umbrellas) and then I got to open my presents.  After that, we all stood around sipping coffee (very very  strong coffee - just the way I love it)), eating these amazing, irresistible, whipped cream sponge cake fresh raspberry desserts out of big wine goblets, and just chatting about everything and nothing in particular.

Finally, the women all trooped back to Michael's parents' house, where the men and kids were sitting around chatting and watching TV.  We all settled into some gliders and lawn chairs in the back yard, around a huge citronella flame, and proceeded to just tease each other and have a good time hanging out until nearly 1 am.  It was a lovely way to end our hectic trip in the US on such a high note, and in such a warm and welcoming manner.  

The very next morning, we headed out of Cleveland airport on a 6 am flight, with layovers in Las Vegas and San Francisco, before we eventually landed back in Hong Kong nearly 30 hours later.

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