Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wedding Suit - A Tailoring Experience at W.W. Chan

Michael found a wedding suit!  Well, I mean, not really.  But he finally found a place to get his suit made.  After lots of agonizing and careful review, we decided to go with W. W. Chan, located on the 8th floor of the Entertainment Building.

The hardest part was probably picking the fabric, and then also finding a tailor that we felt would do a good job.

We went to Tai Pan Row, tcny, Jim's Tailor; considered Ascot Chang and A-Man Hing Cheong.  We looked at fabrics from Scabal, Loro Piano, Zegna, H. Lesser, Ariston's.  We considered all the weights from 210 grams to 280 grams.  We looked at a "true" black, a "light" black, a "dark" black.  (We mistook a few midnight blues for black).  We touched, rubbed, compared, contrasted.  We learned the difference between a 100, 110, 120, 130.

Once we made a decision the process was remarkably smooth and fast.  Shiny black buttons (kissing but not overlapping), thinner, notched lapels, slim cut, ice blue lining, double vents.
 Here, Michael is getting his measurements taken.  They get a bit intimate!
After they measured him, they put a mock jacket/vest on him and pinned his measurements.  Does the "M" stand for Michael??
Michael goes in for his fitting in two weeks!  Follow up post to come.

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