Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Santa Barbara - The House (THE House!)

I had high expectations for the VRBO rental that we procured for my weekend in Santa Barbara, but I have to tell you, this place kind of exceeded all of our expectations!  It was so beautiful and so wonderful.  Look at this:

Wow, right?

This is the view from the front door of the house:

This was the view from my bedroom:

 The hot tub on the deck.
The views were really stunning:

 I may have laid my jet lagged self on this sweet deck chair for a few snoozes.
The girls posed on the deck a few times:

The entrance area:
 Stairs up to the second floor.  It was a three bedroom two and half bathroom house.
 Huge couches filled a living area in front of a TV and a seating area around the fireplace.
 We quickly threw down some towels from the hot tub.

There was a huge deck with a fierce grill and lots of tables and chairs.  The view of the mountains behind the deck was lovely.
 The fireplace.
 The house had nice floor to ceiling windows with a very nice view of the yard.  The dining room table was one of my favorite pieces of furniture - I love the big thick slabs of wood.  The bench /chair set up is versatile.
 The other thing that was great about the kitchen was the huge 6 burner Viking stove and the deep butcher sink.  Wow!  So lovely.
The cabinet.  Now I marvel at furniture this size… I should mention that the house (specifically the kitchen) had everything we felt like we could have wanted.  Vegetable steamer? Check. Wine opener? Check. Candles? Check.  Broil pan? Check.  Check check check...
 We made really delicious dinners during the weekend.  They were really, really healthy.

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