Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back to the Mat

So, I'm really excited to announce that Pure Yoga is opening another (!!) yoga studio in Hong Kong.  This one is opening in Hutchinson House, which is right next door to my office building, which means I am going to be able to go to a lot more yoga classes during the day than I was able to previously.  I am not happy that this overpriced chain is opening yet another studio, in another move to solidify its already dominant market position (life in Hong Kong is a textbook study of antitrust principles), but this development means I will dramatically increase my yogi attendance in the next few months (read: have no excuse to avoid yoga classes).

Because I am really really not a morning person -- I can never make it to the gym or the studio before work despite my best reasonable efforts -- and  I am usually so tired after a long day at work, that I end up not going. 

I've been running around so much lately that I've finally only had a chance to return to the mat last week.  Upon my return, I realized how I've missed it terribly.  I love how much it centers me and how good I feel in my body afterward.  I think there are very few things in life better than conquering an old pose - you could be trying for years to get into flying arm balance or crow pose and then suddenly one day you are in class and you pop up and you do it, and you hold it.  That is all kinds of amazing. 

It's also really fun to discover new poses too - or just more rare poses that you don't get to do all that often.  For me, that would be the grasshopper pose, or maybe firefly (so many animals, I know).  It occurred to me as I was trying to fly during class that so many of these poses are essentially breakdancing moves.  Again, fun!

But, I must also say, returning to the mat after a long hiatus?  Ugh. So painful.  I'm sweating more, breathing faster, my joints feel creakier, my muscles are more easily sore.  I can't wait to be back in tip top yoga shape.

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