Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brunch at Kinsale in Kennedy Town

Last weekend, on an insanely hot Sunday, I went to Kennedy Town to grab some lunch with friends.

It was super chill.  Something about being so close to the water, maybe?

The restaurant, Kinsale, has these huge glass doors that open out to the water, but on that day the doors were firmly shut to keep in the blessed air conditioning!

 The portion sizes here are pretty big. 

It felt nice to be back in Hong Kong.
Michael likes to joke that I hate Kennedy Town because of one bad experience I had apartment hunting at the Belchers; I totally don't!  I think it's a really quaint mix of old and new and you can totally see how fast the area is gentrifying.  There are lots of old buildings like this:
But then there are also really fancy new high rises.  Plus, I'm sure the sunsets are pretty amazing.

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