Monday, June 1, 2015

Starting Again For June

Apologies for neglecting this space.  As we enter June, I intend to be a lot more diligent putting up posts here.  There have been so many exciting and wonderful things happening in my life, that it has been a shame that I haven't had a chance to do them justice here.

Posts and pictures about the following to come:

The beautiful, amazing long weekend spent with nine girls over the course of three days.  Key takeaways: Santa Barbara is amazing, the house was even more beautiful than the pictures, aerial yoga is so cool, and my friends and family are so sweet and wonderful.

Michael's parents and my parents met in New York City and we had a really lovely, fun weekend together. We strolled around New York City, and then had dinner family style at Hearth, which is even more delicious than I remembered.  The next morning, we took our parents to a pushcart-style (or more like pushcart war-style) dim sum restaurant in Flushing, a quintessential Queens Chinese moment, just to keep things interesting!

I met with my florist and photographer at the venue last week and I am attending a tasting today.  So far the food seems really good and I am excited to figure out what to pick!

And the following observations for now:

I can't believe I missed my tenth year reunions.  It was just too hectic and I had no time to make it to New Jersey.  But that is still pretty sad.  I also can't believe it has been a decade since I graduated college.

New York is so beautiful right now.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the breeze is slight, the humidity is none.  I am relishing it!

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