Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking Some Time - and Headed to Sunny Santa Barbara

I know you've noticed the long stretch of silence on this blog this month.  I think… barely five posts in a month… that's a record for me, eh?  Even when I was working my hardest, like 80+ hours for three or four weeks on end, I would always keep up a pretty consistent stream of updates, musings, etc.

But this month I haven't really felt like it (maybe I am just hitting a new level of busy?) and I've decided not to force it.  I have a lot going on at work and in life - planning a wedding from halfway around the world, working around the clock, trying to catch up with friends, and still fitting in the myriad number of life's necessities and administrative tasks.

So this space has been quiet for a bit, but I think it's good.  A person can only do so much.

My good news though is, my reward at the end of this very long month (and I cannot believe it is already the end of May… this year is FLYING) is that I get to head to sunny, beautiful Santa Barbara, for this long Memorial Day weekend/Buddha's Birthday (hey, either works) and see some really great people.

Yes.  A hundred times yes!

From there I head to New York on a red-eye (because why not, in for a penny in for a pound), then plan to just relax with family and friends (while working out of the New York office, meeting the photographer, florist and priest, seeing the church, seeing the venue, selecting dj and church music, doing my tasting, getting my makeup trial, did I mention working?, preparing envelopes, sending out invitations)… yup.  It will be very relaxing.

Then I head to Ohio where Michael's mom has so sweetly and kindly organized a big bridal shower.  I'm excited!  Then I have to head back to Hong Kong right away because at any minute my deal will sign.  Of course.

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