Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Lunches

I feel like a dinosaur whenever summer rolls around and we have summer associates.  Summer lunches?  Summer associates?  Law school?  These kids are so young.  I can barely relate.  And it stuns me to think about how excited and cheerful and enthusiastic I was about the law firm, and learning, and life in general.  Whoop de da.

One perk, when I actually have time to enjoy and partake, is the summer associate lunch.  I'm glad this institution hasn't gone away yet.  The other day we went to Cafe Gray in the Upper House, a very nice establishment and a summer lunch staple.  I made a friend.  Then I ate him.
He was really delicious though, perfectly seared and with just the right smokey flavor, with the freshest and most tender eyeballs (they were full of liquid and ready to pop - a sure sign of a fresh fish - sorry if that is too much information), and he was already perfectly de-boned. 

The roasted garlic and slice of caramelized lime made the perfect topping.  I cared less about the bed of fennel and roast peppers that he rested upon -- I barely touched those, even though they made a beautiful contrast to my friend's light red skin.  I did not eat the eyeballs, but I did make sure to get all of the cheek meat - as I've said before and I will say again - that is the most tender part.

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