Friday, June 12, 2015

Double Boiled Fish Soup at Wong Chi Kei

I interrupt my posts about my trip in the US to post a picture of my favorite fish soup at Wong Chi Kei.

It has a distinctly medicinal/ginseng flavor that I can only imagine is off putting to many of my friends, but which I love dearly.

The Chinese, and especially those from the Guangdong province and Hong Kong, really only make soups that are consomm√© broth - the point is not to eat any of the things that you put in the soup.  The end goal is a very concentrated, double (or triple) boiled broth, which reveals all of the flavors, and contains all the of nutrients, of the materials used to boil the soup.  Liquid gold right here, ya'll.
Sipping this last night after an intense 90 minute shoulder and foot massage, I had to admit that while it was really nice to see friends and family in the US, it was also nice to be back in Asia again!

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