Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Girls' Dinner -- HotPot at Budaoweng

I have just one word for you: YUM!

My love for hotpot knows no bounds.  And the hotpot at Budaoweng is great.  Located on top of a mall in Times Square, you walk in to a nice big tank full of fresh slinking and creeping crawlies.  Delicious.

 Everything is very clean.  Everyone gets a little bowl of their special sauce.
 To which you add a delicious array of sauces.  We ordered the cilantro and red vinegar, which costs extra.
 The menu has a lot of special seafood options.  Tip: these are pricier!

Their menu is easy to read in English and Chinese and with colorful pictures.

Four girls went and selected the mixed soup base.  We ordered crispy fish skin, fresh shrimp, a huge basket of fresh Japanese mixed vegetables...
 daikon (white radish), beef, tofu, frozen tofu...
 cuttlefish paste (theirs is really good, I think I like it better than Megan's Kitchen).
 The shrimp on a bed of ice.  Sometimes their tentacles move a little, so don't be freaked out!
 The marbled beef, yum.  This is the small plate.
 The table from above.

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