Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paris - Eats at Chez Julien

While in Paris, I really enjoyed our dining experiences at Chez Julien.
First of all, it didn't hurt that the restaurant felt like a jewelry box.
 Surrounded by a ceiling like that, with the gilded mirrors and lush white roses and red velvet banquette seats, I kept expecting a twirling dancer to emerge while we sat and ate.

I apologize in advance for the utterly terrible quality of the photos of our food.  The restaurant was designed for romance and ambience, not for tourists over-eagerly documenting every dish they sampled.  I'm sure our maitre'd was secretly horrified: those stupid Americans!
Michael and his brother ordered some funky craft beers.
 We started with a vinegar tomato salad topped with a warm runny egg,
 asparagus with parma ham,
 and fried shrimp fritters paired with a zesty side salad.
 I opted for the grilled sea bass on a bed of caramelized onions and rice, topped with micro greens.
Michael opted for the steak and fries with mustard.
 Michael's brother opted for the duck, cooked to a tender pink, with lightly roasted vegetables.  I think this was the best option of the night.
 After dinner, we went for a rousing game of darts at a Scottish pub nearby:
 Michael, gleefully beginning to mark down points against his brother...

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