Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sergio Rossi Sample Sale - Shoooooooes (Swoon)

Sample sales are so dangerous because they're designed to ensure with 100% accuracy that you lose your head.  Those slash marks in red!  Those colored stickers indicating huge markdowns!  The random display of lots of formerly expensive beautiful things that are now so much more attainable, even if still not practical!  Yes, I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment last week.

It's no wonder I ended up walking out of the Sergio Rossi sample sale with two pairs of high heels, when I never even wear high heels! (But I'm turning over a new leaf and all of that is changing.  Really.)

My only regret is that I went too late and all the super skinny pencil heel stilettos and pumps in my size had been snatched up.  What do you know, size 36-36.5 is very popular in Hong Kong.  Doh.

The sale was in Causeway Bay and the markdowns were pretty good, ranging from 30% to over 70%.  And the women were actually quite nice and well behaved - having experienced my share of the New York retail jungle, I was a bit surprised at how tame this one was.

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