Monday, April 20, 2015

Attempting to Fly (Gracefully) with Aerial Silk, aka Aerial Contortion

I recently tried a class at the Aerial Arts Academy in Hong Kong at the encouragement and introduction of a colleague and friend.  We were both beginners to the aerial silk technique and went not really knowing at all what to expect.

I've seen images of this circus art, mainly through Cirque du Soleil, and a quick google images search before my class confirmed my vision.  We went to a small studio in Central right near my apartment.

I have to say, it is a pretty tough workout.  It is like a mix of TRX (suspension training) and pole dancing (being able to launch yourself up and spin and, at times, be horizontal to the floor).

I have so much newfound respect for the lithe performers who manage to make it look so effortless in their beautiful costumes and tiny leotards.  I was red faced and sweating pretty quickly into the class.

This was my silk, before I unraveled it and started to play.

I did manage to learn a few basics though - like the foot lock, and even managed a few times to do it while suspended in mid-air (really not easy, it requires quite a bit of foot dexterity)!

I first learned how to do this pose, which was easier than it looks (though I can't promise I was as graceful):
image courtesy of Robyn Fryer on Pinterest
Then tried to do a side lean in a single foot lock, which was harder - mainly I was struggling to stay horizontal (the key was to push down my hips).   This is what the pose looks like:

image courtesy of Katie Navarro on Pinterest
I'm keen to go back and try again!

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