Tuesday, April 14, 2015

London - Dishoom

We ate lunch at Dishoom at King's Cross on our first day in London.  The place was beautifully designed to evoke a feeling of light and space.  It also contained lots of old world touches and thoughtful details.  The whole premise is based on an old Bombay cafe where people would sit for the whole day under a slowly whirling fan, avoiding the heat, and reading their newspapers while sipping their chai lattes.
The design manages to evoke an old world charm while being undeniably clean and new.

We ordered their chili deep fried okra.  Definitely my favorite.  I am still thinking longingly of this one and wish we had ordered two or three.
  Tandoori chicken.  A crowd favorite.
  Chicken biryani - disappointing because over spiced. 
 The tomato daal - gained points for creaminess but lost points for lack of flavor.

 Lamb chops, perfectly marinated and very tender.
 Garlic naan and roti, freshly baked and tender but with just the right amount of chew.
 The spread from above.
 Must have dessert to end the meal, especially when it's a pavlova as light and airy as this one!
 The brothers dig in.

Michael and his brother, toasting their double shots of espresso. 

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