Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hong Kong Airport - Raffles Medical Clinic

So this is not a super glamorous topic but, in a pinch, it is very good information to know.

There is a medical clinic in the Hong Kong international airport! 

On a rarely sighted level 6, on a mezzanine level one floor above the arrival hall on level 5 and one level below the check in counters on level 7, there is a medical clinic sponsored by Raffles Group, open 24 hours a day every day, with a doctor on site from 7 am until midnight.

Their main clientele seems to be pilots and flight attendants, but when I was there I saw a few ordinary transiting passengers as well.  Granted, you have to pay out of pocket and hope to be reimbursed by your insurance company later, but sometimes you really need medical attention before you're about to leave, or just when you've landed, in an airport!

Incredibly I found myself in need of their services in a very bad way about a month ago.  I woke up around 5:30 am in pain and discomfort and was seriously stressed.  I was on my way to Japan on a 9:30 am flight.  When would I be able to find a doctor and get prescription medicine?  I googled for 24 hour pharmacies in Hong Kong - none available.  I called up the 24 hour pharmacy department at a public hospital - needed a doctor's appointment with prescription first.  In desperation, I googled clinics and doctors in Niseko, Japan - an additional twenty minutes by bus, after an already exhausting, full day of transit, to reach a hospital where doctors didn't really speak English.  None of these options looked good. 

I finally thought to look for pharmacies in the airports themselves.  I stumbled upon Raffles Medical and the rest was history.  I am so, so grateful for this clinic.  I got to the airport around 7:50 am, waited less than 20 minutes, saw the doctor, received prescription medicine (which was dispensed directly from the pharmacy on site) and was well on my way to checking into my flight before 9 am.

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