Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Niseko Trip Report - Farewell and Ramen Alley

That concludes our trip!  It was really fun and a nice break.  I'm so grateful I didn't have much work to do.  I am certain we will be back.

One of the highlights of the return home was the Sapporo airport.  The domestic terminal was full of delicious food and fun shopping experiences.

We sampled some hairy crab (having sampled this, I have to say I am much more into the king crab).
 And then a lot of really delicious, decadent chunks of crab, uni and roe served atop a bed of brown rice.
 "Ramen alley" at the airport - just a whole long aisle of restaurants serving ramen.
 Hokkaido in bowls of ramen.
 A super popular ramen joint that tips its hat to (one of) the seafood capitals of the world and serves the ramen in a shrimp broth (all the other ones serve in a traditional pork broth):
Michael and I shared this bowl of joy:

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