Friday, December 19, 2014

Sights and Sounds Around Siem Reap (And A Really Good Massage)

We were blessed with amazing weather in Siem Reap.  December is one of the coolest times of year and it is the dry season - which means that there was a lot of dust kicked up from the roads but the skies  were the perfect, piercing blue.

 On one of the lazy last days of our trip, my friend and I wandered the streets of Siem Reap, first getting a really really good massage and then just shopping and wandering the alley ways of the Old Market.

 My amazing essential oil massage (I chose the flowery ylang ylang scent) started off with a deeply fragrant and satisfying plumeria, fresh mint, lemon and salt scrub foot bath.
 When we emerged over an hour later, completely blissed out, we strolled the markets and poked our noses into all kinds of weird spices and goods.  Here, look at how many variations of rice they had!
 A fruit vendor was selling beautiful, perfectly ripe, fist sized sugar apples.
This vendor was selling sausages and other weird intestine-like shaped things.  I didn't get too close.
 There were a ton of food carts along the street, stir frying and chopping with maddening efficiency, creating all kinds of delicious smells.
 I purchased two packets of banana chips to take home.

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