Sunday, December 7, 2014


So it has been absolutely crazy town in these parts lately.  Between my nearly back to back trips to Singapore, Taipei and Seoul, my upcoming trip to Siem Reap, wedding planning (or, really, trying to but failing miserably), and just everyday basic life functions like eating and sleeping, I have not had a spare moment to update my blog.  Sad.  I have so much to say!

I will come back to this space once I have a moment, but I just wanted to share my really wonderful birthday which I spent this year in Taipei.  Michael was kind enough to fly out to the Mandarin Oriental, a newly open ultra luxury hotel in the Songshan district of the city, to accompany me for a few days (I know, he is such a champ for putting up with life's difficulties).

We got up at a leisurely hour…and went to the pool.  It was pretty quiet.

I sat in a bird cage canopy and felt like a princess…

This was the beautiful top of the canopy.
 We ordered breakfast by the pool.  Michael got an English breakfast with poached eggs.
 I ordered a vegetable omelette with a green salad… and this was what showed up.  When I explained that this *might* not have been what I ordered, they agreed to replace my order for free.  I ended up getting the same dish as Michael.  It was tasty.
 The spa had a sauna and steam room (eucalyptus scented) and these cool exotic lilies.
 The hotel gave me a beautiful card, with a bottle of wine and a beautiful little cake from their bakery store.  It looked like a little jewel under the glass case.  It was a pleasant and very nice birthday surprise!
 For dinner, Michael took to me to a hotpot place… woohoo!
 He tried the Taiwanese sake, which he thought was pretty decent.

 We did a mixed pot.

Michael really liked their pork dumplings wrapped in egg.
 I tried these starburst mushrooms, which are like shitake but more interesting.
 My favorite vegetable for hot pot ever.
 Frozen scallops - very disappointing.
 Local Taiwanese beef - very tasty!
 In the afternoon the hotel surprised me with a bouquet of flowers that Michael ordered for me!

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