Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Unending Procession of Food in Siem Reap Part Two (Cuisine Wat Damnak)

On our last night in Siem Reap, we decided to try Cuisine Wat Damnak, a little restaurant tucked away in a quiet neighborhood that offers two different tasting menus.  And yes, those prices are right! 24USD for 5 courses or 28USD for 6 courses!  Given the prices, my friend and I said, no brainer, obviously we will try the 6 courses! And we each selected a different tasting menu.  

 The food was fusion, but there was definitely still a Southeast Asian element in each dish.  The dishes were innovative, balanced and refreshing.  I highly recommend this restaurant.  It's no wonder that it's often ranked the #1 restaurant in Siem Reap!

I got a really tart, fresh passion fruit juice to start.  My friend chose one of their cocktails.
The amuse bouche.
Cabbage salad with duck confit and sesame dressing.
Puffer fish with spicy toasted coconut and coconut salad - I loved this one.
Baked Tonle sap croaker fish with green tomato relish (and roselle).  The tomato relish was really tart and flavorful, a perfect accompaniment to the light, creamy fish.

 Steamed maam with minced pork and egg.  This one was very pretty but not really my thing.
Prawn consomme with green mango, cucumber and water lily stem - what a romantic and intriguing dish!  I wished there was more of the consomme.
Beef saraman - like a spicy herbed stew.

Pan fried sanday fish.
Braised pork shank with cauliflower and peppercorns - this one was truly amazing.  The pork shank was so tender!
And finally, dessert!

Some fresh fruits and sugar/chili dip.

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