Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Stay At the Park Hyatt Siem Reap (Not Cheap And With Flaws But Still Likely Worth It)

Despite some hiccups in my stay, I quite enjoyed my time at the Park Hyatt with the girls. 

My only complaints are that they treated the Caucasian males noticeably better (one member of our party received a corner suite and plentiful fruit options) while the rest of the group received a standard room and only one plate of welcome fruit.  My friend and I had to cajole the hotel on three separate occasions to provide us with bananas for the morning of our race day, and they showed up with three tiny little baby bananas.  This was a little hard to take when we knew that the other friend was receiving a platter of bananas without even asking.

The other negative was the blatant selectivity of the hotel concierge in only referring or recommending certain restaurants or spas.  It was immediately suspect the first night in town when we went to an Italian restaurant on their recommendation and were not served anything except water for an hour while we waited for our meal.  We finally got up and left...  On another occasion, when my friend and I tried to book at a spa, the concierge had the audacity to tell us that the spa was booked for the entire day.  On a Tuesday.  I found that really suspect and called them myself not five minutes later, and immediately was offered my choice of slots for massages starting from 1 pm.  So, that was disappointing.

But I still enjoyed the comforts of the room and the pool, and the location is second to none.

This was post-run, chilling by the pool.
 I was pretty happy...
 We had lunch by the pool.  It felt so good just to sit and lounge and laze around.
The pool was a little weird - lots of pillars in random places, and a bridge and trees, and part of it indoors and part of it outdoors... just didn't seem great for swimming.

 The interior of the hotel was pretty airy and clean.


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