Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in Phuket - Our Relaxing Thailand Vacation Continues

So, we came to Phuket knowing that it would be all kinds of touristy and crowded, but I think we did right in picking the SALA Phuket Resort and Spa in Mai Khao beach, on the northern end of the island (north of the airport), near the JW Marriott, Renaissance and Anantara resorts.  Of all of these, I most like the one we chose.  The Anantara does not seem to have its own beach access and the Marriott and Renaissance both look more crowded and were more expensive.

Plus, check out our individual pool villa!  Frankly I have never seen such a big personal pool and I love it.  It blows my mind that nearly every villa here has their own pool this size.  Woot woot.

Our check in at the resort was very nice.  I had just purchased a yum khao lam (sticky rice stick) and two green mangoes (but I couldn't help myself and immediately ate those on the car ride so have no photographic proof) at the pier when we landed from Koh Yao Noi.  The hotel greeted us with welcome drinks and two beautiful fresh fragrant flower wristlets (and if you know me at all, you know I'm a complete sucker for that).  The only bad thing was that they had me down as Mr. Allison.  Oy.
 I could see how the decor may not be for everyone - it is a very modern aesthetic, with beige walls, gray dividers, stone pathways and flinty concrete.
 But I like it.

 The resort tried to get into the holiday spirit, with a massive Christmas tree made out of coconuts.  During the day:
At night:
On Christmas Eve they threw a complimentary party for all resort guests with beer, champagne, wine and cocktails and some canapes.  There was also a caroling performance by some local school children, which was very sweet.

The SALA has its own beach, and it is quite a spot of paradise.  Sure, there are no beach chairs on the beach but I don't mind that one bit.  Come on in, the water's really nice.  Our first day:

 Here is a 360 degree panoramic.  See?  Michael and I were the only ones on the beach.  Amazing.
We ventured down on our second day when the sun came out for a brief spell.  
 The amazing thing about this place which I can't quite get over is how many pine trees there are.  Pine trees on a beach?  Whoever would have thought...I don't know why but the whole thing feels like summer camp to me.  A really luxurious, exotic, beautiful summer camp.
 The sun has been popping out for some bits of our stay, though it was still shy and playing peek a boo most of the time.
 The resort has multiple pools.  I really like how quiet it is.

The breakfasts are included and so far I've been having a blast with the fresh fruit, pancakes and eggs made to order each morning.

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