Sunday, December 14, 2014

An Amazing, Wonderful, Inspiring, Fun, Relaxing (and Many More Adjectives) Trip to Siem Reap

I had a really great trip with some girl friends the first weekend/half week in December, when we all descended upon the city and, more specifically, Angkor Wat, to participate in the 19th International Angkor Wat Half Marathon.

It was a little touch and go at first because I had just returned from my trip from Seoul and I was a little concerned, given the lack of sleep and the challenges of working on the road, as well as working alongside my very ill boss, whether my body was going to be able to make it.  I also had to push my flight back by one day because I realized it was just not possible for me to head out on Friday morning as originally planned.

However, it all worked out and I took a Saturday afternoon flight (direct -- really the only way to do it from Hong Kong) and landed to this beautiful sight:

My entire flight was quite obviously full of runners.  Everyone was fit and thin or in pretty good shape.  Many wore sneakers and running gear.  Almost all were white.  Some looked European.  I don't know how to explain it but it was not hard to figure out that almost all of these people were flying in for the run.

I was also really nervous about my 10K run because I had not trained at all (I was a wimp and signed up for the 10K - I guess because I know myself quite well and knew even months beforehand that I was not going to properly train), I was really sleep deprived, and, well, I have never run 10 kilometers in one straight go before.  Oh sure, I kind of figured I could do it on game day, but my philosophy toward road running or races has always been, why try to do it beforehand if you only have to do it once if you save it for the day of the race?

… Yeah, I don't think I should be signing up for any half marathons or marathons anytime soon.

I will post a full trip report (likely over a few posts due to the tons of pictures), but for now suffice it to say that I ran a fantastic (for me) time and I came in the top 10% of all women in the race.  I was very happy.

On race morning I got up at 4:15 AM to get ready.  Ouch, I know, but it's because it gets so hot during the day that the races start just after 6 AM.

I felt semi professional as soon as I strung my race chip onto my shoe.
 I had my bib and my outfit all ready to go.
 Here is an awkward and sweaty selfie, when I returned from the race, super pumped up on adrenaline and endorphins and pretty much euphoric.  And yes, also wearing my medal!  It is an A+ for effort "finisher" medal.  Woo hoo.