Monday, January 13, 2014

Wong Chi Kei

I had a pretty simple dinner at Wong Chi Kei recently.  They are very well known for their traditional Cantonese style soups, congees, and noodle dishes.  I think it is basically Cantonese comfort food, but very well done with high quality ingredients.  I don't know if they use MSG in their noodle dishes (my guess is yes) but in their congees and soups they do not.

I love their daily soups, although the price makes me frown.

This cost HK$88!  Granted, it is a generous portion (I ladled out at least four full bowls of pure broth) and they use very high quality ingredients, such as figs, chestnuts, lily bulbs, wood ear mushrooms, large dried scallops, logan and wolf berries.  But still….
Someone has to pay the rent, I guess.

I love how all of the flavor is infused in the broth.  One way to know that you are drinking high quality soup is to be able to taste all of the flavors of the ingredients in the end product.  The broth should also leaves your tongue and lips a little sticky.  I think the stickiness is a result of boiling the pork bones and fish cartilage (or whatever other product they use) for hours on end, but don't quote me on that.

I also love their  congee - I am particularly partial to their sliced fish congee and their roast duck congee.  I especially like to eat their sliced fish congee with red vinegar, but that is because I am an odd one.  Their roast duck congee is very good as well, however their duck comes chopped with all manners of fine bones, which is a real pain in the butt to eat with boiling hot porridge.

Wong Chi Kei, basement level, 10-12 Stanley St., Central, Hong Kong

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