Sunday, January 12, 2014

Airlines Lounge Review: EVA Evergreen Club in Taipei, Taiwan

Bear with me!  This is the last post on flights and travel!  Below is my review of Eva's business class lounge in Taiwan.

The lounge is really big, containing two wings - the staid, business side, and the disco, nightclub side.

The entrance definitely leans more to the disco nightclub side.

Two different worlds, depending on if you go left or right.
Go left?
Quiet with bright lighting.

Go right?
Black leather seats and bright neon lights for a trippy experience.
On either side there are a lot of food on offer and as far as I can tell they offer identical items.  I highly recommend their roasted sweet potatoes (thankfully available on both sides) which are the most amazing things ever.  I usually get two or three...
They're not much to look at, admittedly.
But looks aren't everything.  They taste amazing.  They are so sweet that sometimes the sugar pools at the bottom of the sweet potato in a sticky sweet mess.

An impressive lineup of coffee, espresso and hot water machines!
Finally, I thought the Movenpick ice cream case (with six flavors, so a pretty decent selection) was a tasty touch.

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