Saturday, January 18, 2014

Juice Cleanse Fail...

So, I started out with very good intentions to try this juice fast thing. 

I went to a good morning yoga class.

I picked up the six juices and lugged them to work.

I chugged the orange and grapefruit juice, appreciating the kick that the ginger added but not loving it.

And then a couple of hours later I sipped the light green vegetable and apple juice, marveling that the juice tasted so much better than it looked.

And then by noon, as I fought yawns in my Mandarin class as we talked about the latest bouts of corruption and deception in mainland China... I thought... I have to do this for two more days?! 

Oh hell no.

It's just not going to work out between me and you, nood food.
The juices, to be drunk in order from right to left.  They get gold marks for very pretty colors!
My conclusion:  the juices were very well prepared and very tasty - even the scary looking light green one and the even scarier looking dark green/black one.  By a little after noon they were already doing weird things to my insides ("cleansing" maybe? but it also could have been entirely in my head), and I was yawning a lot.  And I was hungry.  And sleepy.  And cold.

I think I was really not meant to go hungry. 

Plus, this cleansing or detoxifying stuff surely has to mess up your metabolism. And I am pretty okay with my metabolism right now.

So I decided to ignore my biological imperative no longer.  Less than 12 hours into my attempt I was done. 

I went and bought a mixed salad and coffee (with milk AND sugar). 

OH Hallelujah, caffeine, I love you.

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