Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Very Important Technology Update!

Our firm has finally, finally, joined the 21st century and permitted us to get a smartphone that is NOT a Blackberry.

We had the choice of a Samsung Galaxy4, an Apple iPhone 5, or the newest blackberry (I did not even check to see what model it is).  Without much speculation, I went for the Galaxy4, for a few reasons, some of them being: very good reviews (and even from people who used to be iPhone users), the ubiquity of the Samsung Galaxy in Asia recently, and the super thin and light, big screen (which may have been the winning point).

Here it is: straight out of the box, still shrouded in plastic, being encrypted for firm security reasons.

The big screen was really nice on two fronts - one, I could read more of a document or presentation as it came in, directly on my handheld; and two, I imagined I could type more easily on it than on the iPhone 5.  I personally find the iPhone 4S incredibly difficult to type accurately.  I could only imagine the nightmare emails I would end up sending to clients and friends with the narrower iPhone 5 and the vigilant, well-intentioned, but often disastrous autocorrect.

I am now three days into using the Samsung and while it has been a bit of a rocky beginning (locking myself out of my phone and accidentally changing the keypad so that it only showed random Chinese characters; not knowing how to silence the vibrating phone while in a meeting; still reverting to a lot of iPhone mannerisms; and just dealing with the general issues like accessing the right app on the right screen at the right time) I could definitely see myself falling in love with this device.

It is also just so damn pretty.

Top favorites right now are being able to "type" by dragging my finger to letters across the keyboard, being able to use their  "hover" and "air" functions which permit me to check status (whether I have new calls, and how many new messages) without unlocking the phone and permit me to manipulate pages and screens without actually touching the screen, and exploring their nifty camera features, such as taking a dual picture (a selfie and an external picture simultaneously), recording while taking a still photo, or taking multiple action shots that merge into one extended photograph.

The Samsung also has this crazy feature, the "sensor", which basically knows when I stop looking at the screen - so it will pause any video (not a third party video though, unfortunately!) if I look away, and resume when I return my gaze.  It will also scroll down a long article automatically as I read.  I haven't found the reading thing to work so well for me yet… we will see if I end up using it.

Pardon me while I go back to playing with my new toy...

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