Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Hike From Mui Wo to Discovery Bay

This weekend, I joined some friendly fellow Princeton alums on a hike from Mui Wo ferry terminal to Discovery Bay.  It was leisurely and easy and we were rewarded with some sweet views.
View from the slow ferry to Mui Wo
The impressive stacks of bikes at the Mui Wo pier
Along the way, we walked along the beach, climbed a lot of steps, snacked at a pagoda at the summit, wandered into a Trappist monastery, walked through village houses, passed organic farms, and eventually wound up in the artificial pleasantville that is Discovery Bay, or DB for short.
 It was a pretty hazy day, as you can see from some of the sunny snapshots below.

The pagoda, signaling the summit

enter into peace

The Trappist monastery

exit into safety
DB in the distance
A creepy scarecrow
The golf cart depot
DB beach
DB is a car-free (but golf-cart heavy!) residential community on the northeast part of Lantau, full of completely clean and new developments right at the edge of the water.  It is particularly attractive to young couples of the pet-toting and baby-carrying variety (often plural).
Group panoramic at the top
I really enjoyed the hike, much to my surprise, and am thinking that I really need to be better about hiking Hong Kong.  There really is a whole "other" side here that is worlds apart from the glass concrete and steel jungle in which I live and work.

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