Monday, January 6, 2014

Mexican Food Tour in Southern California

We arrived in California determined to eat, and eat a lot, of Mexican food.  Mexican food is not that good in Hong Kong, and so it made sense to try to get as many tacos, enchiladas, burritos and chimichangas as possible into our bellies on this trip.

Below are some of the delicious meals we had while driving around Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  I wanted to document it in part so that when I returned to Asia, I could come back to these pictures and remember, with my tastebuds tingling, exactly how delicious our meals were.

At Los Agaves:
Unlimited fresh chips with a salsa bar
A torpedo-like deep fried beef chimichanga
Grilled halibut fish tacos smothered in fresh homemade coleslaw
At Los Arroyos:

Juicy carnitas soft pork tacos
My favorites from the salsa bar.  I may just start pickling my own jalapeños...
Corn sopasillas
At Tacos Don Roge, a delightfully perfect hole in the wall restaurant, introduced to us by my friend's dad:
My favorite sign - I did try the cabeza but not the lengua…it was very juicy and tender
 I had to try their "tamarindo" juice.
Although I do not have a picture of it, their rice and beans were perfectly cooked.  The beans had a creamy consistency.
 The salsas and pico de gallo are perfection here.
The guacamole and fresh chips were fantastic.  I am a huge fan of lime and this guac did not disappoint.
Below are assorted tacos in various stages of being devoured.  They prepared soft double tacos here.  I was never quick enough to snap the picture before one of us felt the urge to take a few bites!
At $1.75 a pop, I highly recommend you try this joint if you are ever in Carpinteria.

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