Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Loot and Sweet Sentiments

It has already been nearly three weeks since Christmas, so this is a bit outdated.  But I was enormously thrilled with the presents that I received and wanted to share.

I received amazing presents from loved ones, some of which are highlighted below:

- a plush, soft and fitted terry Hanro robe, which has singlehandedly improved my post-shower to bed-time hours fivefold and furthered me significantly in my never-ending quest to lounge around the apartment in comfort and bliss

- a pair of the most delicate opal and diamond earrings, which make me happy when they sparkle (and may or may not cause me to stare at myself in the mirror a bit too long)
pardon the bad picture… iPhone isn't so good with the macro shots...
- a comfortable pair of Puma flats, providing me with an added bounce in my morning commute, with the unexpected side effect of making me feel like a ninja
- a beautiful pink, purple and mauve Escada sweater with sparkly pink Swarovski crystal buttons, which I promptly wore all around town with a peach jumper and a crystal necklace, trying to channel a hippy dippy 70s vibe, see exhibit 1 below
- a lemongrass eucalyptus candle that is practically an aromatherapy massage in itself, with the added bonus of further stimulating my pyromaniac tendencies
I can only hope that the presents I gifted were as well received.  Gifts are so much fun, both to give and to get.  I have to admit though that the very best part of this past year's exchange was Michael's card to me.  It's now on the fridge and I look at it wistfully every so often.  It reads:

Dear Duck,
Merry Christmas.  I hope you like your gifts, but if not I figured I could not go wrong with this card (I loved my gift, but he was right about that.  He picked a light purple card with a really cute flower on it; clearly he knows me very well)  I love the person that you are, and hope to have many more Christmas', birthdays and just random moments to surprise you and make you happy.


Isn't that the sweetest?

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