Sunday, November 1, 2015

Taipei - G16 Lounge and Halloween at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

I have not been to the G16 lounge at the Hong Kong airport before, but this time my flight for Taiwan left from gate 17 so it was too close not to try.  I actually quite liked it - it was small and kind of gray and bland, but the chairs were comfortable, the lift convenient, the beverage choices plenty, and they had a nice noodle bar.

 I also liked that I had a really nice view overlooking my gate so I could see exactly when they began boarding!
 When you have coffee, tea, fruit, and water, what else do you need?
 Nearly everyone in the lounge eats a bowl of noodles.
 Myself included.  Yum!
 On the flight, I had a pretty comfortable aisle seat (though it was an older Cathay plane so my seat didn't fully recline) and I enjoyed looking out into the bright blue sunny yonder.
 Once in Taiwan, I checked into the Grand Hyatt, into a room with a very nice view of Taipei 101.  Unfortunately, the weather was kind of gray and wet in Taipei this weekend...
And of course, it just so happened that I was in Taipei for Halloween.  My mom was also still in town, so we met up for dinner at Din Tai Fung and then took some pictures around the hotel.

The lobby of the hotel has a really nice fountain… but more importantly, lots of flowers!

 And a cute little Halloween set up.

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