Sunday, November 15, 2015

Date Night at Linguini Fini

We went to Linguini Fini yesterday for a date night.  We have really been into pasta and Italian food lately - two weeks ago we went to Cecconi's and last week we went to Posto Pubblico.

I really like the interior of Linguini Fini - high arching ceilings, huge lamps, candles, black and white photographs… and comfortable, big booths.
 We were pretty happy that we got a booth.
 I really liked the candles and candelabra behind me.
 We managed to score the sweet spot because we promised to be done with dinner in an hour and a half - and because we showed up for an early dinner.
 Michael started with a negroni.  The citrus peel gave the drink a lovely fragrance.

 We had fried risotto balls to start.  These were good, but they gave us only three!
 Michael got a fettucini with fried chicken.  He thought the chicken was over-fried (too dry and crispy).  The portion size was tiny.
 I ordered linguini with clams, but the pasta that I actually received was clearly not linguini.  There were also lumps of pasta that boiled together, which was not very good.
We ordered a side insalata mista.  Their garlic balsamic vinaigrette was delicious.
Overall, I would say that we likely will not be back.  The space is lovely, open and airy, and unlike so many other restaurants in Hong Kong you don't feel cramped at all.  However, their portions are tiny, not always prepared well, and the service is very slow.  We likely will stick to Posto Pubblico in the future.  Maybe we would come here for a drink.

Linguini Fini
49 Elgin St.
Hong Kong
2387 6338

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