Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One of My Favorite Taiwanese Street Foods

Rice noodles (mianxian) in a soupy broth with pig intestines and cilantro!  I know… it doesn't sound very appetizing. But it's good.  And the long lines attest to it.
My mom and I like Ah Chang Rice Noodle Shop, located in Ximending in Taipei.

 The noodles taste fantastic alone, but they're so heavenly once you add vinegar, garlic and chili!  I always make sure to ask for extra cilantro and dump an extra two spoons of vinegar into my serving.
 At NT$50 for a small bowl and NT$65 for a large bowl, this stuff is pretty affordable.

On this trip, we saw a family from Melbourne who got in line simply because of how many people were lined up.  (It's probably a pretty good rule of thumb when you're traveling!)  Once we told them what it was, they got a little bit nervous.  Bravo to them, though, for braving it and trying it!  We saw them as we left and they said they agreed, it was very tasty!

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