Saturday, November 21, 2015

Flowers and Fruit

It's Friday, and I bring you another flowers and fruit post!

Ranunculus from the wet market on my walk home, for just because.

I also purchased some Taiwanese muscat grapes, also from the market on my walk home.  These things are so sweet they are like candy.  They are distinctive based on their dark, dusky purple skins and almost perfectly round globular shapes.  

The skins on these grapes detach easily, so that you can easily pop the whole fruit in your mouth, suck the juicy center out easily from the skin, then discard the skin and pits in one go.  I could eat these things forever, but for the fact that the grape skins contain a lot of tannins (or something slightly acidic), so after a while my tongue starts to feel a bit abused and sore, forcing me to take a (short) break.
Before I realize it, my fingers hover over an empty plate -- all of the fruit has been devoured.

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