Saturday, November 28, 2015

Birthday Flowers and a New Camera

I received these flowers from work for my birthday this year, which made me happy.  It was a very pink bouquet… but it was also very big and made me feel very special!

 The bouquet was so big that when I got home I had to split it into two:

I also finally went ahead and bought a d-SLR, which has always somewhat intimidated me (I do not really "do" manuals, as in, I don't really have the patience to read the stuff).  I am really excited to use it on the Sri Lanka and South Africa trips.  Given these amazing, exotic locations, it just seemed a shame if I didn't capture the experiences with something more sophisticated than my utterly crap Samsung phone camera!
I bought a Nikon D3300 which I thought was the right price point, size and capability for my needs (i.e., total beginner) and it just arrived in Hong Kong on Friday.
I really want to make use of the camera's manual mode, because, otherwise, what's the point, right?  So I am patiently flipping through the user manual now, in perhaps my first ever attempt to learn "all the buttons."  It has been really fun putting it together and learning all the bits and pieces.  I'm trying not to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of buttons and information on the machine.  I hope better pictures are coming to this blog, soon!

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  1. That bouquet is gorgeous! How sweet of your work. And Happy Birthday Alli! Enjoy your DSLR. I've had a Nikon D90 since 2010 and simply adore it. Santa is upgrading me to a D7100 this year bc my poor D90 motor is finally slowing down. I can't wait :).