Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Proud Owner of an Olivetti Lettera 32

Michael got me a vintage typewriter for my birthday!  He knew I had been looking at these things for a while, but I never got around to ever purchasing one for myself.  What a thoughtful and wonderful gift!

We are waiting for the thing to be delivered currently, but I am super excited.   He found one that is in perfect shape, with fully functioning keys, probably still with the original ribbon from the 1960s... a limited edition Olivetti that was produced in Canada, with the telltale light blue casing and a case in perfect shape.  Oh, a pretty prop this is not.  I am interested in actually using the thing.

I keep thinking about how it will feel to type on a manual typewriter.  And what stories are just thrumming in my fingertips, waiting to be drawn out through the steady and comforting clickety clack of old keys? (... Probably none.  But still fun to own.)

This same machine was owned by Cormac McCarthy and Tennessee Williams, so, you know, it has quite a weighty fan base.

I can't post pictures of the actual typewriter that we are about to receive, but this is the model we are getting:


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