Monday, December 7, 2015

Super Satisfying Eats at Shanghai Lao Fan Dian and an Amazing Birthday Present

This weekend we went to lunch at Shanghai Lao Fan Dian in Wan Chai - the food was delicious!  We got sesame glass noodles with chicken and cucumber, pork with garlic sauce, whole fried shrimp, Shanghai dumplings, pan fried Shanghai dumplings, and sticky rice noodles stir fried with tender cabbage.

After a very filling dinner, they brought out a cake with a candle!  And they all sang to me.  How sweet!  The cake was perfect - lots of fruit (kiwi, strawberries and mango, yum) and mango sponge cake with a layer of chocolate crunch!  I had two slices.

 My friend was awesome and gave me a great gift.  Here we are posing, with our respective entertainments of choice:
 I had to bring the bag out in the rain after lunch and it got rather beaten up.
What was it, you ask??  I was a little nervous because she started giggling as soon as she handed the bag over…Turns out, she gave me a onesie!  I immediately tried it on when I got home - and truly didn't want to it take off, it was so comfortable.  Proceed with caution if you buy one….

Shanghai Lao Fan Dian
283 Jaffe Road (located in the basement of the Novotel Hotel)
2598 0680

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