Saturday, November 7, 2015

Visit to the Taiwan Museum of Contemporary Art

Why, hello, what do we have here?  I accompanied my mom to the museum on Sunday morning before my flight back to Hong Kong.  It was my first time checking this place out and while it was nowhere as "impressive" as the Gugong, the national museum of treasures, it was still quite enjoyable.

Ah, modern art.  Gotta love it.  Black balls on a screen bouncing around.  Yes.
A human heart made out of steel springs.

More black balls.
Dripping rain played a dissonant series of chords on a set of xylophones.
A fun and beautiful, intricate wire sculpture that filled the room.
Identical paintings of an egg, lining the entire wall.
A "wave" of sound projected by a wall of speakers, so dissonant that we quickly scurried out of the room.

These sculptures were my favorite of the whole museum - they looked like garbage bags but upon closer inspection, more like people huddled into tortured shapes and suffocated.  Awesome!

In fact, when we took this picture in front of the museum, I didn't look carefully and I thought there were bags of garbage behind us (which would be quite odd because Taipei is so clean).  It wasn't until afterward that I realized it was the same kind of sculptures from the exhibit!  Cool.

I took an early afternoon flight out of Taipei Taoyuan airport that managed to leave on time, which was pretty remarkable.  I loved the way the sky and the clouds looked from high.
It's so peaceful in the skies.
Something wonderful about that view, don't you think?  

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