Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kiu Heung Yuan (橋香園) Yunnan Rice Noodles -- Another Delicious Spot

I can't believe that I never tried this place in all the time that I've lived in Central and Midlevels.  I finally picked my head up one day and properly read the sign, and realized that this shop sold Yunnan/cart/rice/over the bridge noodles (yeah, it goes by a lot of names)!  The stuff I love!

These noodles are a great texture, slightly thick and round, and in a spicy and sour broth that is to salivate for.  They usually allow you to pick a number of toppings (hence the cart noodle aspect of it).

I mean, what with the completely faded and over bright sign, and the restaurant being wedged in between the sketchy hallway for foot massages and the two convenience stores crammed to the hilt with STUFF, I guess you can't really blame me for not noticing the restaurant.

Then, before I had a chance to go more than once, it closed for renovation.

But now it's open again!

It looks a lot more clean, with new mirrors, new tile floors, new metal stools, and very snazzy sparkly tile on the walls.

However, the menu has stayed exactly the same, and more importantly, so have the prices.

And actually, I guess some things haven't changed - it's still a bit of a mess...

But I am so happy for this, that I don't care: 

I chose medium spicy with white radish, lettuce and enoki mushrooms, with a healthy heaping of cilantro.  It comes with pickled vegetables (which is what makes it pretty sour) and meat.

Kiu Heung Yuan (or Qiao Xiang Yuan in Mandarin)
91 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
2581 1337

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